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In This Game of Hide And Seek

you play SAVAGE and i'll play MEEK


Tommy Sparks "She's Got Me Dancing" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

is a complex woman you understand very complex / Things go on here like butter and toast / Butter and toast for the better and trust / Better and trust for the better / Let's make snow angels in buttercream frosting / Buttercream frosting you and me / Will be / The most famous buttercream angels anyone will ever see. My real name is ___. I am ___ years old, born in ___. My hobbies are: ___, ___, role playing, art, ___, writing, ___, reading, living, sleeping (is nice), ___, ___, ___, and ___, among other ___. My goal(s) is(are): to become famous, ___, and ___. I currently attend: ___. I currently live in: ___. That is all that you really need to know. You may feel free to click any of the links above. You may also feel free to friend me by clicking the link in my profile. This journal is currently friends locked.